How can you find out quickly what your

really think?

Simply, ask them.

Ask about IYAM now!


Nobody has the time for long surveys and polls

There are over 1,000,000 emails sent globally every second. Little wonder survey and polling emails end up in spam or deleted on receipt. If they do get through, majority of the surveys are aborted part way through. IYAM is different - It's engaging, it's easy, and it's targeted. So the next time you ask anything the response will be better and more accurate than ever before.


It’s harder than ever to find out what your customers or members really think

For Brands

Creating engaging brand experiences that connect with consumers is an ongoing challenge. IYAM allows you to contact your customers through an easy and fun interface that encourages fast feedback, greater engagement resulting in increased loyalty!
"Which of our advertising campaigns made you buy our product?".

For Political parties

Harness the collective wisdom of your members and build meaningful relationships by making them part of the process, whether this is Brexit or the Queen’s speech. Not just superficial surveys, but exciting engagement!
"Should we change our manifesto based on the election result, or stick to the same policy agenda?"

For Clubs

Get in touch with fans anytime - before, during or after matches. Maybe find out what are the hot topics before an AGM. With IYAMs fast easy engagement solution, you can find out what your fans think in real time.
"Which of the following improvements would you like to see at the club?"

For Charities

Donors and supporters today are looking for greater transparency and say in what projects are supported. IYAM allows you to engage directly with donors, supporters or volunteers. Make them feel like a digital board member!
"Have you heard anyone talking about our new TV awareness campaign?"


Three simple steps


Decide who you want to ask, IYAM’s simple interface allows you to setup many types of questions - single/multiple choice, true/false, ranked or images.


Through IYAM all responses will feedback real time to your dashboard giving you an instant insight and analysis as to what your audience think.


Share your findings and how their opinions have impacted your products, decisions or policies. You can even introduce rewards for the most loyal or engaged members of your community.